Your Guide to Public Transport in Stockholm

Let me explain you how to travel by public transport when visiting Stockholm, travelcards and prices and how to get around by underground, commuter trains, trams, buses and boats as there have been some modifications that simplified the system but still can be tricky for tourists visiting Stockholm.

Let’s get into detail!

El tunnelbana o metro de Estocolmo de camino a Gamla Stan <br> Foto: Israel Ubeda /

Tunnelbana – Stockholm’s underground system in Gamla Stan
Photo: Israel Ubeda /

What’s New About Public Transport in Stockholm

Public transportation or mass transit as other prefer to call it is managed by the company Storstockholms Lokaltrafik o SL. There are no longer ABC zones into which Stockholm was divided and thus a single ticket covers the entire city of Stockholm and outskirts. You pay a fix price and are able to travel for 75 minutes. Now you are able to travel even to Gnesta, Bålsta or Sigtuna without paying an extra fee.

Some travel categories like “helt” (complete) or “reducerat” (reduced) which granted you access to lower prices have disappeared completely. Now you belong to one of these 4 categories: vuxen, pensionär, student, ungdomadult, senior, student, youth (20 years or less!).

Children & Public Transport in Stockholm

If you are traveling with kids remember that they need not buy a valid transportation ticket if they are aged 6 years or less. There is no limit for the number of kids that can travel with an accompanying adult. During weekends, from Friday at 12 PM until Sunday at 12 AM every adult can be accompanied by up to 6 children aged 12 or less. This applies also to holidays and the previous day, midsommar and its previous day and from December 23rd at 12 PM until January 6th at 12 AM. So if you are planning to visit Stockholm during Christmas time or New Year your children under 12 need not pay for public transportation.

Public Transportation for Students

When staying in Stockholm as an Erasmus student – or any other kind of exchange program of studies for that matter – you will need a valid SL student card with its logotype on it and study at least 75% of your time so that you can get a 75% discount on public transportation. Unfortunately this discount for students is not available for the regular student traveler visiting Stockholm.

Tickets, Validity and Prices For Public Transport in Stockholm

In Stockholm you can buy single travel tickets for public transport or buy a travel card called SL-Access, top it up with the desired amount and travel until no more funds are available. This is called reskassa and its way cheaper even for the sporadic commuter. The SL-Access card costs 20 SEK (1.90 € / $2.10 /£1.60).

Notice that this card is NOT the tourist visitor card Go City Stockholm Pass which grants you access to museums, sights, attractions and boat trips. The SL-Access complements the Stockholm card offering a cheaper way to travel on public transportation in Stockholm.

In 2022 you cannot buy the SL-Access travel card together with the Go City Stockholm Pass.

Tarjeta de transporte público en Estocolmo - SL Access <br> Foto: Israel Úbeda /

SL-Access, your public transport card in Stockholm
Photo: Israel Úbeda /

Single ticket prices for transportation in Stockholm are as follow:

  • Single ticket bought on board (when possible): 50 SEK (4.75 € / $5.20 / £4 ) adults; 34 SEK (3.25 € / $3.50 / £2.75) other categories
  • Single ticket bought through the mobile app, ticket vending machine or SL employee: 37 SEK (3.50 € / $3.85 / £3) adults; 25 SEK (2.40 € / $2.60 / £2) other categories
  • Single ticket bought with the credit from your previously topped up SL-Access travel card: 37 SEK (3.50 € / $3.85 / £3) adults; 25 SEK (2.40 € / $2.60 / £2) other categories.

As a tourist in Stockholm you will enjoy the sortiment of period tickets – travelcards – which will entitle you to travel for for 24 or 72 hours and 7, 30, 90 or 365 days. After a few years without any rise on their prices this year has seen a minimal increase.

The price for travelcards used on public transportation in Stockholm are as follow:

  • 24-hour travelcard: 155 SEK (14.65 € / $16.10 / £12.40) adults and 105 SEK (9.95 € / $10.90 / £8.40) others
  • 72-hour travelcard: 310 SEK (29.35 € / $32.10 / £24.85) adults and 210 SEK (19.90 € / $21.75 / £16.85) others. Notice that you get a day for free as the price matches two 24-hour travelcard but you are allowed to travel during 72 hours. If you are planning to buy a 24-hour or 72-hour period ticket you need not buy an SL-Access card because both period tickets exist in a paper version.
  • 7-day travelcard: 405 SEK (38.30 € / $42 / £32.45) adults and 270 SEK (25.50€ / $28 / £21.65) others
  • 30-day travelcard: 930 SEK (88 € / $96.35 / £74.55) adults and 620 SEK (58.65 € / $64.25 / £49.70) others
  • 90-day travelcard: 2770 SEK (255.45 € / $287 / £222) adults and 1810 SEK (171.25 € / $187.55 / £145) others
  • 365-day travelcard: 9770 SEK (924.25 € / $1012.45 / £783) adults and 6550 SEK (619.65 € / $678.75 / £524.95) others

* Prices and exchange rate updated on February 2020. Current exchange rate may differ.

If you are interested in traveling by train between Arlanda airport and Stockholm central station you can do it by paying an extra fee. If you already have a valid ticket or enough money in your travelcard to do a single journey you will only need to pay a 120 SEK (11.35 € / $12.45 / £9.65) fee. Otherwise you can buy an airport valid single ticket for 157 SEK (14.85 € / $16.25 / £12.60) adults or 145 SEK (13.75 € / $15 / £11.60) other categories. Those under 18 need not pay an extra fee and can travel to Arlanda airport on a regular single ticket.

With single tickets you are allowed to travel for 75 minutes and with travelcards during the indicated validity period. 24-hour and 72-hour travelcards work in 24-hour periods, that is, upon activation at 2 PM on a given Monday it will be valid until Tuesday 2 PM or Thursday 2 PM respectively. 7-day travelcards count calendar days. Upon activation at 11:50 PM on a given Monday night it will be valid until 11:59 PM on a Sunday night. Is it so? Yes. It experienced it myself when trying to use the cheapest way to travel to Arlanda aiport and not being able to do it because my card had already expired.

What You Can Do in Stockholm With a Travel Ticket

With a valid ticket you can use the underground trains, buses, trams (basically tram line nr. 7 from Sergels torg square to the Island of Djurgården and Waldemarsudde Museum and a great way to visit museums in that area of Stockholm), commuter trains (up to Uppsala – paying a fee – Märsta, Gnesta, Södertälje or Nynäshamn) and boats between some stops on the central islands in Stockholm. These are the five boat lines included in your ticket:

  • nr 80 Frihamnen to Nybroplan through Allmänna gränd on Djurgården beside Gröna Lund amusement park. This bus line is perfect if you are arriving in Stockholm on a cruise and during the port of call want to visit the museums in Djurgården. This is the red route from point 1 to point 3 in the next map.
  • nr 82 from Slussen to Allmänna gränd on Djurgården with a stop-over on the island of Skeppsholmen. This bus line is also used very frequently to get to the museums in Djurgården from Södermalm or Gamla Stan. This is shown as a blue route from point 5 to point 2 through point 4 in the map.
  • nr 84 from Nybroplan to Hammarbysjöstad – available from spring time only – useful to visit Stockholm’s most ecofriendly and sustainable neighborhood known as Hammarbysjöstad. My map features this route in fuchsia from point 3 to a place outside the map.
  • nr 85 from Klara Mälarstrand – out of service indefinitely since Jan 1 2019 – in the surroundings of Stockholm Central Station and Stockholm’s City Hall bound for Kungholmstorg whose deck is located a little bit beyond Stockholm City Hall. Orange route from point nr 6 in the map to point nr 7, Söder Mälarstrand, and then Kungholmstorg.
  • nr 89 connecting Ekerö, the island where Drottningholm palace is located (although ver far away from the boat stop), to the island of Lilla Essingen in central Stockholm. This boat line works on working days only. Not featured in the map as it is not used by tourists.

Public Transportation Boats in Stockholm Included in Your Travelcard

If you wish to visit Stockholm from the water you will find a lot of boat sightseeing tours and excursions in Stockholm & the archipelago included in the tourist visitor card Go City Stockholm. See my article on How to Buy Your Go City Stockholm Pass With a Discount.

Where to Buy the SL-Access card

You can buy your SL-Access card at the counter on underground stations, SL-centers and kiosks (Pressbyrån, 7-eleven, etc) as well as at some hotels. If you are looking for a reseller near your accommodation in Stockholm, browse through the map located at Stockholm transportation official website, click on the map on the Symbols layer and choose Sales point to show all of them. In this screen capture I chose two Pressbyrån kiosks located near the central station and Cityterminalen where the airport transfer buses depart and arrive.

Donde comprar tarjeta transporte público en Estocolmo

Where to Buy your SL-Access Public Transportation Card in Stockholm

Identifying Stations and Stops

Underground stops are marked with a big T sign standing for the Swedish word tunnelbana, train stations with a big J for järnvägen, tram stops with an S for spårvagn and the commuter trains are usually know as pendeltåg. Moreover, bus stops show an H sign for hållplats and boat decks are marked with the Swedish word brygga.

T de tunnelbana - el metro de Estocolmo <br> Foto: Israel Ubeda /

T stands for tunnelbana – Stockholm’s underground
Photo: Israel Ubeda /

Stockholm Public Transport Maps

You can find PDF maps for the entire transportation network in Stockholm on SL official website. For instance: map for commuter trains and underground, underground only, commuter trains only, tram, bus lines in the heart of Stockholm, or in the south of the city and from bus terminals to know the different departure locations.

Planning Your Trips

If you are interested in planning your trips in advance or during your stay you can use the planner on SL website. Providing the current location and the destination you will be given the best and the fastest way to travel between these two points.

This is my complete guide on how to use public transport in Stockholm. I hope I didn’t forget anything. If you have any questions, suggestions or want me to help you plan your stay write me a comment below.

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About Israel Úbeda

Former press officer and communicator at VisitSweden, the Swedish National Tourism Organization in Spain. Traveling to Sweden since 2002 and at times living in the country. A few years ago I decided that others could learn about Swedish tourist destinations, the language and the society on this page. Welcome!


  1. Hi Israel,
    We are arriving with a ship for a few hours only at Nynashamn and intend to visit Stockholm (Gamla Stan and so on…)
    What kind of ticket can we buy from Nynashamn station or on line to ensure us some freedom (without a fix travel time maybe)?
    Thank you very much in advance

    • Hi Teddy

      Let me tell you the different options you have:

      1) you could travel from Nynäshamn to Stockholm on a single ticket (45 SEK – 4 €) and then buy a travel card in Stockholm and top it up with money to spend 32 SEK (3 €) on every single trip you take within Stockholm (you have 1h 15 min transfer time which means you won’t be charged again when traveling within that period).

      2) probably easier: buy the 24-hour ticket (130 SEK ~ 13 €) and that will cover your commuting to and from Stockholm and all trips on the public transportation network in Stockholm (bus, metro, tram). No schedules or limits. The tickets cannot be bought online but upon arrival in Nynäshamn at Nynäshamn tourist office right by the docks.

      The way to travel from Nynäshamn to Stockholm is with the commuter train 42X although right now until April 23 Monday they have some replacement buses for the journey between Nynäshamn and Västerhaninge. But as stated the journey it is usually done by train between Nynäshamn and Stockholm City station.



  2. 1. Tips for commuting in November? Arriving at ARN and need to commute to Gamla Stan in the morning and returning EARLY a few days later.
    2a. Tips for seeing Stockholm in 3.5 days? We are explorer types but would like to see things like the royal palace, 1-2 museums each day and the Ericsson Globe.
    2b. Would the Stockholm Pass and corresponding Travel Card worthwhile?

    • Hi Dan,

      1) no problems with commuting in Stockholm or from the airport to Stockholm in November. You could buy a single ticket at the airport, travel to Stockholm by public transportation as explained here, and then in Stockholm buy a 72-hour paper travelcard for your stay. In case you need a ticket for the return trip you could buy another single ticket. Or you could travel with the shuttlebus from/to the airport which is cheap if the schedule suits you.

      2a) I would absolutely recommend you Skansen, The Vasa Museum, Vikigaliv, Fotografiska and ABBA The Museum (although not included). Other of my favourite museums are Millesgården – an art gallery and statue park on Lidingö Island – and
      Spritmuseum – the Museum of Liquour and Spirits. You should check out my list with the 10 best things to see in Stockholm and this where I have also compiled 24 free things to do in Stockholm.

      2b) The Stockholm Pass is always worthy if you want to visit 2 or 3 attractions every day and go on a boat tour (fewer available in November though). The Stockholm Pass can be bought online with a discount.
      I would buy the travel card separately upon arrival in Arlanda or in Stockholm because it costs the same as in a bundle but currently it cannot be picked up at Arlanda Airport so you wouldn’t be able to travel to the city in the aforementioned way.


  3. Ankur Sharma

    Dear Israel, thank you very much for writing this a great blog. Very informative!
    I am traveling next week for 3.5 days with my wife and 10 year son.
    I have a few questions:
    1. I will take an option of hop on hop off bus for 2 days, so should I just buy SL cards for using one way tickets or a 3 day pass? can I top up SL card with cash? and when I use them for my kid how does it identify discounted ticket?
    2. I am planning to visit Gamla Town, Vasa Museum, skansen, Grona Lund, royal Palace, abba the museum, anyother scenic place you suggest and I should not miss?
    3. should I buy online tickets for the above places or I can buy at the site directly?
    4. For third day I will visit Archipelago? Where should I go in archipelago

    • Edit : I meant SL card for traveling from hotel to hop on hop off bus stop

    • Hi Ankur, welcome!

      1) let me clarify something: Hop on Hop off buses can only be used with the Stockholm Pass as they are run by a private company. On the other hand public transportation buses and all other transportation for that matter (metro, commuter train, tram, public boats) can be used with the SL-Access travelcard or with single tickets.

      That being said if you plan to buy the Stockholm Pass and use the hop on hop buses for two days maybe you don’t need the travelcard. Regarding topping up the travelcard with cash I am not sure cause nobody uses cash in Sweden. It can be topped at the selling machines or at SL customer centers. I don’t know if it can be paid with cash there. But Stockholm really is a cashless city.

      Regarding your kid: if you buy a paper ticket for him it should be the one for kids which has a discounted price. If you top up the card with cash and use it for you and your family then everytime you enter the underground you should go to the controller and ask him to withdraw the amount for two adults and one kid.

      2) I really like Spritmuseum, the museum of liquors and spirits because it tells the tale of the relationship love-hate that Swedes have with alcohol (among other exhibitions).

      Something for your kid: Vikingaliv and probably Junibacken. If you have the Stockholm Pass check out Aquaria Vattenmuseet.

      Don’t forget to go to Monteliusvägen for great views of the city!

      3) Buy the Stockholm Pass online and save 10%. It is really worth it if you plan to do so many things. And lake Mälaren and archipelago cruises are included.

      4) if you just want a bit of water a short walk on an island and maybe eating some seafood there is the boat to Fjäderholmarna Islands which takes 30 min.

      Otherwise you could take the boat tour to Vaxholm or the 3-hour long boat tour to the archipelago. These boat tours can be bought separately but are also included in the Stockholm Pass.

      Have a great stay!


  4. Thanks a ton Israel for the detailed information :) and a very fast response. Really very helpful!

    I was planning to buy hop on hop off ticket and not a Stockholm pass. Having said that, do I need to buy individual museum tickets for entrance, online or I can easily get them at the venue? Even the boat tours should I buy online?

    Thanks again. Have a nice weekend:)


  5. Hello Israel! we are travelling in 3 (3people). Is it ok if we charge the SL-access card & use it for the 3 of us? Like, we charge it for 3 people on one SL-access card? is this possible? Could you please give us some advice. thank you

    • Hi Sunniva,

      If you charge it with a given amount of money and pay for every single trip then it is possible to share a card for you three. On the other hand if you want to charge the travelcard with a period ticket: 24 or 72-hour or 7 days then you need a separate card for everyone.
      And by the way the 24 and 72-hour can also be bought as paper tickets so you need not buy the physical card if you are staying such a short time.


  6. Very informative write up! I will be in Stockholm for 3 days 2 nights. I am planning to get 72-hour Travel Card. I understand that the card does not cover train travel to Uppsala beyond Stockholm. How much is that extra fee I have to pay, and how do I make payment?

    • Thanks Elena.

      If you have an SL-ticket already the ticket you need is a UL-ticket. This can be bought at Stockholm city station from the SL-representative, just before you go down to the tracks or on the UL-app. The ticket can not be bought onboard the train. The ticket you need costs 90 SEK single trip. An option to this is to buy the UL 24 hour ticket for 161 SEK. This is an option if you are returning to Stockholm within 24 hours.

      If you do not have an SL-card it is cheaper, faster and more comfortable to travel by regular trains by the company SJ.
      Their ticket is around 95 SEK.



  7. Hi Israel,

    I going Stockholm early June 2019 (4D3N), reaching Arlanda airport 10.30pm.
    1. can i still able to buy bus ticket from Alanda airport to Stockholm city? what is the last bus depart?
    2. can i know what time is the last bus in Stockholm city? as i need to take bus to my accommodation near Ängsbacken.
    3. would you suggest travel pass or travelcard for my next 3 days travel in Stockholm? and the pass or card can buy from any train or bus station?
    Thanks for your advise in advanced.

    • Hi Teik,

      1. If you mean Flixbus private bus transfer last one is at 11:10pm. Flygbussarna has every 15 minutes until 2:15am after that time they run more scarcely. If you mean by public transportation there is the night bus 593 (schedule here) but I am unaware of where you could buy the tickets so late in the evening.

      2. Is it Ängsbacken in Nacka? If that’s the destination it is very difficult to reach at night. Just served during the day by the bus 413 from Slussen. You should take a taxi from Stockholm Central Station or from the metro station Slussen. In case it is another destination just let me know and I’ll try to help you with the directions.

      3. These are different things: the travelcard or SL-Access is to be able to use the train, metro, tram and boats. If you are staying in Nacka it will be very handy because you are far away from the city. The Stockholm Pass is to save money if you want to visit museums like Vasa, Skansen, Fotografiska, the Viking’s Museum and others. I think both are worthy. The travelcard can be bought at the stations or at 7-eleven and SL stores. The Pass can be bought online with chances of saving 10% or at the spot without discount.



  8. Irfan Kaynak

    Dear Israel
    Thank you for your support
    we will be in Stockholm for a day bu ship Princess anastasia on 22may
    How can we get to Gamla Stan by bus ? Is that possible to purchase SL card upon arrival pier (Frihamnen, Frihamnsgatan 21,)??
    ANd we plan to return bu bus again to pier befora departure on same day afternoon
    Or what do you advise ?
    tks indeed

  9. Marla Burchell

    Hi, Israel! We’ll be arriving in Stockholm in less than a month, arriving 2.5 days before our cruise. Is it possible to do the following in that time with the 2 day Stockholm Pass: Vasa Museum, Royal Palace, Skansa, Drottingham Palace & Boat? Do the Hop On- Hop off buses run frequently or should we buy the SL transportation card? or is that not necessary?We also have dinner reservations at the Grand hotel. Thank you for your advice!

    • Hi Marla,

      I think it is doable if you start at Vasa Museum which between June and August opens very early at 8:30am (strange for a museum in Sweden).
      Yes the buses do run often (30 to 15 min depending on the date) but after 4pm or 5pm there aren’t any buses. So it is not such a great buy in exchange for public transportation and a SL-card.
      Grand Hotel is great! You will really enjoy it.


      • Marla Burchell

        Thank you for your prompt response & good advice, particularly which attractions to see, especially the tip about Vasa’s early opening! Will be buying the 2 Day Stockholm pass with 10% discount & the transportation card. Do you advise buying that last separately so we can get the Senior discount as that’s not allowed when purchasing it at same time as 2 day Stockholm card?

        • Thank you for your kind words. Glad to be of help.
          Yes. It’s better to buy it separately upon arrival in Arlanda airport or in the city. There are many places to buy it like 7-eleven or Pressbyrån kiosks and obviously SL customer stores.


  10. Hi Israel,
    Two questions:
    1. What Android App could you recommend to find an optimal bus/underground connections ?
    2, Could you clarify in detail how to use the SL-access card when two-three people are travelling together? Touch the card 2-3 times on the terminal? and all these 2-3 persons should be or adults or seniors?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Sol,

      1) the official SL-App for Android.
      2) you will always need to address the controller sitting there beside the gates and tell him to charge a group ticket e.g 2 adults and 1 senior or 2 adults 3 kids, etc. The controller will deduct the right amount. However it is not possible to travel 2 or 3 with an SL-access if you want to top it up with period tickets. For that particular use every traveler needs to have its own SL-Access.


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