Promo Code to Buy Your Go City Stockholm Pass

If you are planning to buy the Go City Stockholm Pass tourist visitor card and want to save some money when purchasing it online there are two options available that can be helpful.

The first option is using the discounts available on the official website. With these discounts you get a 10% off and sometimes even a 15% off of the original price if you buy it on the very day or period when they are active.

Buy Your Go City Stockholm with a Discount

If there are not any discounts available near the date you are traveling to Stockholm you can use my promo code AFFGOALLwhich allows you to save 5% off your Go City Stockholm.

This discount code can also be used if you buy the Go City Gothenburg Pass to visit over 30 attractions and museums in Gothenburg as well as for the Go City Helsinki Card in case you are planning to visit Finland’s capital on a cruise from Stockholm.

Last but not least do not forget to check my article about tips and tricks for saving money when traveling to Stockholm.

Select your Dates and Book Your Accomodation in Stockholm

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