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Sweden is an excellent country to travel by public transportation like train or bus. If you want to travel between two Swedish cities during your holidays without a rental car I strongly advise you to do it by bus.

Autobus de Vy por una carretera sueca

Vy Bus on a Swedish Road

Why Traveling by Bus in Sweden

There are several reasons that I would like to emphasize why traveling by bus in Sweden during your holidays can be very practical.

  • You need not drive. This is important in Sweden, a country where signals are highly respected, speed limitations are strict and maximum road speed changes a lot. That could end with you having the bad experience of leaving Sweden with a fine and they are not cheap. I know what I’m talking about.
  • Enjoy the scenery: from the buses you can enjoy the landscapes with plenty of forests and lakes at a lower speed than from the train which makes the routes very pleasant. I remember, for example, how much I enjoyed the time I went from the Kolmården animal park near Norrköping to Stockholm. Or traveling between Eskilstuna and Skavsta airport by bus in the middle of December on a snowy landscape gazing at wood cabins decorated for Christmas. Wonderful experiences without any stress.
  • Trips are usually quiet: people on Swedish buses tend to behave well. No noise or loud events on board. Each one to their own until the destination is reached.
  • Do something for the environment: if you go to Sweden and want to live like a Swede it is time to take sustainability into account and make a move for the environment. Traveling by public transportation is one of the ways to minimize the impact as tourists.
  • Bus are fully equipped: WiFi, outlets on board, 1st and 2nd class seats, toilette, AC, etc.
  • Competitive prices : the price for bus tickets in Sweden is cheaper than for train tickets. A proof is shuttlebus that connects Arlanda airport with Stockholm.
  • Many destinations: there are many remote destinations in Sweden linked by bus routes as many Swedes, especially young people, use them to travel. Flixbus buses run between many Swedish cities at very affordable prices starting at 29 SEK (2.70€ / $3.00 / £2.50). Buses have free Wi-Fi, extra leg space, electrical plugs and connect Europe’s biggest bus network. On top of that Flixbus tickets allow you to change your departure even 15 min before the scheduled time.Other buses, such as those of the Norwegian company Vy Bus4You with its 17 lines and 1400 stops, allow you to discover other places in Scandinavia such as Oslo in Norway or Copenhagen in Denmark. They also link airports such as Arlanda in Stockholm, Landvetter in Gothenburg and Kastrup in Copenhagen with Swedish cities. Below you’ll find a list of these routes.
  • Carry your luggage: with Flixbus luggage is included. With Vy Bus4You there is included one hand luggage in Sweden and one baggage in hold with a combined weight of 25 kg. In Norway two luggage in hold per person.
  • Night travel: one way to use well your time and even to save money is to travel at night arrive at your destination at dawn to continue your holidays.
  • Cheaper prices online: Vy Bus4You bus tickets are a 17% cheaper online. Use the code SWEETSWEDEN7 when booking.

Flixbus Bus Routes in Sweden

You can check the Flixbus route map in Sweden and the prices here. (website is in Swedish but you can change the language to English for booking).

Vy Bus4You Bus Routes in Sweden and Norway

As mentioned before the Vy company has many bus routes through Sweden and Norway and also arriving and departing from major airports. For example:

  • from Arlanda to Karsltad, Karlskoga, Kristinehamn, Örebro, Västerås or Ludvika.
  • from Landvetter in Gothenburg to Borås, Jönköping, Mjölby, Linköping, Norrköping and Stockholm.
  • from Kastrup in Copenhagen to Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Uddevalla, Tanum and already in Norway to Sarpsborg, Moss and Oslo.

Those are just some of the many destinations they offer.

Prices and Discounts with Vy Bus4You

Vy offers very good prices on your trips. The company offers discounts for children, youth, students and pensioners (+67). Some examples:

  • A Gothenburg – Stockholm bus ticket for an adult can cost about 28 € / $31.50 / £24.
  • A Stockholm – Oslo via Gothenburg bus ticket for an adult 47 € / $52.50 / £40.25. A young person between 18 and 25 or a pensioner would pay 38 € / $42.50 / £32.50.
  • From Copenhagen airport to Malmö a bus ticket costs around 13 € / $14.50 / £11.25  for adults.

These are some of the bus routes that could be interesting for you to discover Sweden and which offer quite competitive prices. Check more routes, prices and book here. Please notice that for Vy Bus4You price is shown in Norwegian crowns (NOK) as the company is from Norway.

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