Sweden365, customize your Chrome browser with photos and stories from Sweden

I met Alex when we were both working for Visit Sweden. He was at the Moscow office in Russia and I was at the office in Barcelona. We both shared a passion for Sweden from different spheres. He as head of the Russian office and I as Marketing Manager and Press Officer.

Years later in different jobs (Booking and Velux) and different countries (The Netherlands and Hungary) we still have the same passion: to promote Sweden.

That is why I was pleasantly surprised by Alex’s post on LinkedIn where he has combined his passion for Sweden with his coding skills and created a Google Chrome extension called Sweden365 that offers a new daily inspiring photo and story from Sweden every time you open a new tab. From the northern lights, to a white moose, the Sami culture, charming villages or the ever-recurring Swedish nature.

Sweden365, a Google Chrome extension showcasing images and stories from Sweden. By Alex Panko.

To enjoy it, you just have to install the free extension from Google’s official store. You must have Google Chrome installed and be logged into your Google or Gmail account.

The extension is coded with JavaScript/ HTML/ CSS and extracts the content from the official Image Bank of Sweden. For the user interface Alex has taken into the account the brand guidelines for Sweden.

Ready to give it a try? Be inspired before your next trip to Sweden.

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Former press officer and communicator at VisitSweden, the Swedish National Tourism Organization in Spain. Traveling to Sweden since 2002 and at times living in the country. A few years ago I decided that others could learn about Swedish tourist destinations, the language and the society on this page. Welcome!

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