Buy Your Go City Stockholm Tourist Visitor Pass

The Go City Stockholm tourist visitor pass will allow you to discover over 45 attractions and sights in the capital of Sweden and make the most out of your money and your stay in Stockholm.

In this article I will tell you in detail which attractions, museums and sights you can visit with it, the different prices for the Stockholm Pass, how to buy it online and get a discount and where to pick it up upon you arrival in Stockholm. Don’t miss out on the occasional available discount when buying online.

With the Go City Stockholm Pass You Have Free Entry to Many Attractions in Stockholm

Attractions and Sights Included in Your Go City Stockholm Pass

Top attractions in Stockholm are included (The Vasa Museum, Skansen, the Nobel Museum, Fotografiska – Museum Of Photography – and Skyview for a good sight of the city from above). You can check all attractions included here.

By the way, since 2020 visits to Stockholm’s City Hall and Gröna Lund are NOT included.

Another interesting thing for you who love being on the water is all the great boat sightseeing tours offered which were not covered by the previous Stockholm card. Among them you’ll find the successful “Stockholm Under the Bridges” or “Round tour in Djurgården” which will take you around the greenest oasis-island in the capital of Sweden. Make sure to come back and stroll along the island best natural sights like Rosendalsträdgård (an amazing ecofriendly hub which is a garden, a park and a cafeteria in the best Swedish design).

You will also be able to find extended tours to the island of Birka, the Viking capital island, or Vaxholm and to other destinations in the outskirts of Stockholm like Sigtuna – once Swedish capital city and one of the oldest cities in Sweden – and the Palace of Skokloster where this summer you’d be able to visit an exhibition about Jane Austen. If you are into art museums take the boat through the archipelago to the amazing Artipelag museum located at the island of Värmdö or if you prefer a shorter half day excursion there are boats taking you to nearly located Fjäderholmarna islands (just 25 min by boat from Gamla Stan / Slussen) where you’ll be able to treat you to the best smoked seafood and fish and walk around among glass blowers and other handicraft creators.

Tour Under the bridges por Estocolmo con la Stockholm Pass <br> Foto: Israel Úbeda /

Boat tour Under The Bridges in Stockholm included in the Go City Stockholm Pass
Photo: Israel Úbeda /

If you’d like to travel through the city and do not want to buy a public transportation card called SL-Access then you’d love the fact that the Go City Stockholm Pass includes unlimited trips in special hop-on hop-off buses. The buses serve the city well and connect even the port of Frihamnen in case you are arriving on a cruise.

A Stockholm City Guide brochure will be available for you when buying your Stockholm city card.

Price and Validity for the Go City Stockholm Pass

There are several options when buying your Stockholm tourist card which will suit those who travel on a city break and those who are on a longer holiday. You can buy it for 1,2,3 or 5 consecutive days (yes, you can visit at least 10 different attractions in Stockholm in 24 hours) for adults or children. For more info on public transportation check the article Your Guide to Public Transport in Stockholm.

Prices for the Go City Stockholm Pass are the following for 1, 2, 3 and 5 days:

  • Adult prices: 669, 989, 1209, 1569 SEK (68€ – 150€ / $75 – $170 / £55 – £125)
  • Child prices (6 to 15 years): 279, 389, 479, 629 SEK (28€ – 60€ / $30 – $68 / £22 – £50)

Currently there are NO Go City Stockholm Pass which include public transportation.

* Prices in SEK updated on February 2022. Euro, dollar and pound values may differ depending on the current exchange rate.

Where to Buy the Stockholm City Card and Get a Discount

The fastest and cheapest option to get your Stockholm card and the one I recommend is buying it at the official website where you can get discounts up to 15%. Remember that cards are valid during 12 months after the purchase.

As the physical Stockholm Pass no longer exists you will get an email with a QR code for your mobile phone upon purchase.

Although at first the price may not seem cheap you should bear in mind what visiting every attraction would cost you without the card. That’s why I think the Go City Stockholm Pass is worth its money to get the best experience possible when discovering the fascinating city of Stockholm.

Pro-tip: buy your public transportation card upon your landing at Arlanda and use the cheapest way of traveling between Arlanda airport and Stockholm center to get to the city center.

What to See and Do in Stockholm

If you want to start planning your visit to Stockholm, please have a look at my article about 24 Things to Do Free in Stockholm or my guide to visit Stockholm in 3 days.

If you have any question about the Go City Stockholm card and how it works or about your stay in Stockholm and how to plan your trip I will gladly help you answer it if you leave me a comment below.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately many links will link to an Spanish version of the articles until I have some free time to write their English version. You can read why here and use Google Translate or leave me a comment if there is something you wonder.

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    Hope you’re well.
    Im wondering if its possible to buy the Stockholm pass in Stockholm instead of online.
    If its possible where are the places that I can buy it,please.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello Marta,

    Yes, of course you can but then you will not be able to use the available discount which is valid for online purchases.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I’m arriving in Stockholm this 27 April. I understand many attractions in and around Stockholm have much reduced hours. Is this Stockholm pass worth a buy still? We plan to stay in Stockholm for 2 days so intend to buy the pass with public transport added. Thank you for your wonderfully informative website.

    • Dear Kenneth

      if you plan to visit 2-3 museums a day and do some boat tours which I highly recommend then it is indeed worth a buy.

      A 2-day card with public transportation is a great way to discover the city. If it is your first visit to Stockholm I strongly advise you to buy it and check Skansen, Vasa Museum, Vikingaliv, Spritmuseum, Fotografiska, Nobel Museum among others.



  4. Jennifer kirihara

    Can I purchase the Stockholm pass at the Arlanda airport?

  5. Hello
    Is the 1day card valid for 24h after i firstly use it? Or just until midnight?
    So can I activate it at noon and expect it will be working untill noon the next day?
    Thank you

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