Sleep in a Tree Hut in Dalarna, Sweden

Can you imagine sleeping in a tree house in the middle of the forest or a few meters high between the treetops? In Sweden it is now also possible in the Dalarna region less than 3 hours away from Stockholm.

In Furudal near Lake Siljan, the area of Dalarna where we traveled on a route last summer, the possibility of staying in a cabin on the top of a tree has become a reality.

Näsets Marcusgård, a 1910 farm, is the place in Furudal that hosts two cabins for spending the night in the middle of the forest. The cabins are completely equipped: led lighting, wood burning stove, underfloor heating and are built with the climatology of the place in mind (they are rented throughout the year) and with great respect for the environment as Swedes always do. They are also functionally decorated with comfortable beds and magnificent views of the natural surroundings.

One of the cabins has the name of Supermåne or Supermoon in English.

Näsets Marcusgård Supermåne. una cabaña en los árboles de Dalarna, Suecia <br> Foto:

Näsets Marcusgård Supermåne a Tree Hut in the Trees in Dalarna, Sweden

The Supermoon is a cabin designed from materials that are used in aviation and that allow to achieve the maximum isolation with the minimum possible weight. Two or three people (one of them a small child) can sleep in this cabin.

The other one is called Oddis Öga and its name is a play on words that would mean “The Eye of the Rare” due to the strangeness of its design. Judge for yourself.

La cabaña Oddis Öga en Dalarna, Suecia <br> Foto:

Oddis Öga Cabin in Dalarna, Sweden


Cama doble en la cabaña Oddis Öga en Dalarna, Suecia <br> Foto:

Double Bed at Oddis Öga in Dalarna, Sweden

The owners claim to have seen moose, deer, foxes and lynx from this cabin … The cabin itself is for 4 people with breakfast, sheets and towels included in the stay. A few minutes from the cabin there is a kitchen which can be used as well as a toilet, a sink, a shower and a living room with wifi, books and board games to borrow. During the summer months most of the action happens outside in the surrounding forests.

If you come to Stockholm in winter you can combine the visit to the city with traveling to Dalarna and go ice-skating, visit Tomteland, Santa Claus park near Lake Orsa, sleigh ride, snowshoeing or snowmobile. And if you visit the area in summer there is plenty of time and light for playing golf, fishing in one of the lakes of the region, hiking or cycling through forests and trails or visiting historic villages such as Falun, Borlänge, Rättvik, Mora or Nusnäs.

The creators of the concept are a Dutch couple, Mireille and Willem, who left their country to move with their two children to Dalarna in 2014. Inspired by the nature and history of the place have created a comfortable space to enjoy. Check the price for a reservation at Näsets Marcusgård here.

To reach Näsets Marcusgård you can rent a car in Stockholm and drive 4 hours towards Enköping, Falun, Rättvik and Furudal or take the SJ train to Rättvik, a located some 40 km (25 mi) away from the accommodation, where Willem and Mireille will pick you up for a reasonable fee (2.50 SEK / km or $0.44 / mi). Another option is traveling from Rättvik to Furudal on a local bus and taking a taxi from Furudal to Näsets Marcusgård.

So you know if you want to enjoy a unique accommodation in Dalarna these cabins in Furudal can make you have fond memories of your trip to Sweden.

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