Is Skansen included in the Stockholm tourist card?

Skansen is the largest open-air museum in Scandinavia. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Stockholm and is visited by more than 1.5 million people each year. If you travel to Stockholm, Skansen is definitely one of the places to see.

Every time I go to Stockholm, regardless of the season of the year, I try to go to Skansen, especially if there is any specific celebration around such as Easter, the Swedish national day, Midsommar or Christmas.

In this post I write about the prices and different ways to buy an entry ticket to Skansen.

Hazeliusporten in Skansen, Stockholm
Photo: Jonathan Lundkvist

Normal ticket price to Skansen

Admission is not particularly cheap since in 2023 it costs between SEK 70, about €7 for children aged 4 to 15, and SEK 245, about €22, for adults. Hence the importance of knowing if you can get your entry to Skansen for free by buying the Go City Stockholm tourist card.

This is not an easy task because depending on the entity that provides the tourist card and the agreements reached, the entrance may or may not be free.

Free Admission to Skansen With The Tourism Card

Good news! This year Skansen has free admission ticket included with the Go City Stockholm card. This was not always the case but recently Skansen, one of most important tourist sights on the island of Djurgården has become part of the included attractions.

It might be interesting for you to check an updated list with the rest of the museums and attractions included in the tourist card. And if you have already decided that you want to visit Skansen you can use my discount code to buy the card.

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