New Direct Flight Berlin Tegel to Malmö Sturup and Gothenburg Landvetter

Swedish airline BRA is starting two new direct flight routes to Berlin from Gothenburg Landvetter and Malmö Sturup airports. Not only the German capital is increasing its popularity among the destinations in Central Europe but also the number of German tourists visiting Sweden is soaring and German guests nights during the summer 2019 are up an astounding +12.3%.

BRA, a Swedish Aviation Company

BRA, a Swedish Aviation Company

Gothenburg Landvetter to Berlin Tegel

Beginning in March 30, 2020 BRA will flight between Berling and Gothenburg Landvetter with 9 departures per week. The flight will be available on 6 days of the week and the chosen aeroplane is the 72-passenger ATR 72–600 which is a more climate-friendly solution for a 95-minute long flight. Prices start at 65 € for a Berlin – Gothenburg flight.

Schedule from Gothenburg to Berlin Tegel (although they might be subjected to modifications)

  • Mon: 09.35
  • Tue: 09.35
  • Wed: 09.35
  • Thu: 09.35
  • Fri: 07.45
  • Sat: –
  • Sun: 12.15

Schedule from Berlin Tegel to Gothenburg (although they might be subjected to modifications)

  • Mon: 12:00
  • Tue: 12:00
  • Wed: 12:00
  • Thu: 12:00
  • Fri: 10:10
  • Sat: –
  • Sun: 14.25

This flight will easily provide Germans with an easy way to discover Gothenburg and the West Coast of Sweden.

Malmö Sturup to Berling Tegel

April 2, 2020 is the date to start the operations for the Malmö Sturup – Berlin Tegel direct flight route. There will be 2 departures per week on board a 72-passenger ATR 72-600. Prices are around 60 € for a Berlin – Malmö flight.

Schedule from Malmö Sturup to Berlin Tegel (some modifications might happen)

  • Thu: 11:10
  • Sun: 11:30

Schedule from Berlin Tegel to Malmö Sturup (some modifications might happen)

  • Thu: 13:00
  • Sun: 13:20

No doubt this will be an option for German tourists traveling to Sweden with the desire to visit Malmö and get to know the region of Scania and other parts of the south.

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