Interactive Map with Destinations in Sweden

If you are planning a trip to Sweden and do not know the country you can use this interactive map showing the 21 counties in Sweden and their capitals and click on your preferred destination to access my articles about what to see and do in the area.

I will be adding more content for every region and creating more detailed maps of each of them so you can discover the most important destinations at a glance.

Los 21 condados de Suecia y sus respectivas capitales <br>

The 21 Counties in Sweden and Their Capitals

ScaniaBlekingeKalmarKronobergHallandJönköpingVästra GötalandVärmlandÖstergötlandSödermanlandStockholmUppsalaVästmanlandDalarnaÖrebroGävleborgJämtlandVästernorrlandVästerbottenNorrbottenGotland

If you are reading this on your mobile phone you will likely not be able to click on the map so use the links below:

The map represents all Swedish counties from north to south:

There is a difference between regions, counties and historical provinces in Sweden. In the near future I will create a map showing them because in the case of tourist destinations some of them extend and trascend county divisions. As an example, Swedish Lappland is a historical province covering a part of Norrbotten County and Västerbotten County or Småland covers the counties of Kronoberg, Jönköping and Kalmar.

If you are interested in traveling around Sweden on a roadtrip like we did in summer 2018 and can’t find information on a particular place don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will try to help you prepare your trip.

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