How to Travel by Public Transport in Malmö and Scania

Published on 05/19/2018. Modified on 06/10/2022

While preparing how to travel by public transport in Scania and Malmö for our next trip, a one-month long radtrip by car in Sweden, I have seen the different options available for getting around in Malmö and through the whole county of Scania. The better option for tourists is the Jojo card. This card works as a rechargeable card which you top up with money or with period tickets as for instance Stockholm public transport system works with the SL-Access card.

Skånetrafiken, your public transport provider in Malmö and Scania

Skånetrafiken, your public transport provider in Malmö and Scania

Getting Around in Public Transport in Malmö and Scania in Summer

If you are thinking about traveling to this southern part of Sweden between June 15 and August 15 the sommarbiljett or summer ticket is the best choice. With this ticket you can use freely or public transport in the region of Scania all the times you need. This includes all the city buses, regional buses and train lines which belong to the company Skånetrafiken as well as the Öresund trains (which are used to travel back and forth to Copenhagen and Kastrup, its international airport). Pågåtågen and Krösatågen trains can also be used to travel in the region and paying an extra fee can take you to neighboring regions like Småland or Blekinge to visit IKEA Museum in Älmhult or the cities of Kalmar and Karlskrona. Neither the transports provided by the company Ventrafiken nor the train lines from SJ are included.

The price for the summer ticket is 749 SEK (70 €/$75/£60) which means that if you are planning to stay in the area for a week you’ll be paying less than 10 € / $11 / £9 a day. Half that price if you stay 2 weeks. Not bad! And it looks even better if you take into account that the ticket is non-personal (you can share it) and up to 3 people can travel with one ticket (provided only one of them is 20 years old or older). For instance: two adults can take up to 4 kids between 8 and 19 years old with just two summer tickets. Children under 8 travel for free.

The summer ticket can be bought at the resellers in Scania county or in the Skånetrafiken app at the Appstore or Playstore. On the top of that between June 17 and August 19 you can have your bike (if there is place available) on buses and trains paying half the normal fee by buying a cykelbiljett at the vending machine.

Out of season a better option is to top your Jojo card with the money needed for your trips depending on where you want to travel and how often you will use it.

What to See in Scania With the Jojo Card

You can use your summer ticket to travel by bus to the white sandy beaches at Falsterbo and Skanör (one hour away to the south of Malmö) or to visit the Viking museum and village at Foteviken (a 40-minute bus trip away). If you are a Wallander fan then make it to Ystad by train to check on the spots that inspired Henning Mankell. You can also reach Simrishamn and Kristianstad to check the Unesco-awarded natural biosphere Vattenriket. From Kristianstad you can take a bus to Åhus and visit the Absolut vodka visitor center. The famous megalithic monument at Ales Stenar is reached by train to Ystad and bus to Kåseberga. To the north of Malmö, the scientific city of Lund and Helsingborg with the Sofiero Castle and Gardens are a must.

Public Transport Maps for Malmö and Scania

At Skånetrafiken’s web you will find the following maps in PDF format featuring the public transport system for the main cities in Scania:

If links to files fail to open try to check them here. You can also visually check the different zones in Scania and what transports are used to get to them or search for the travel guide between to destinations in Scania here (in Swedish).

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  1. As of summer 2023 the summer ticket does not include Oresund trains. I just confirmed this with the company.

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