5 Things to Do in Dalarna, Sweden in September

If you are one of those who have holidays in September and have decided to visit Sweden, here are five things to do in the Dalarna region during that month. Me and my wife did a drive through South Dalarna a couple of years ago and highly recommend it. You will find the typical Swedish cabins to stay, genuine gastronomic experiences and a rich nature. Most of the tourist spots are still open in September and you won’t have too much trouble keeping your distance since the Swedes are already back at work.

Lago Siljan en Dalarna, Suecia Foto: Jacques de Villiers / imagebank.sweden.se

Lake Siljan in Dalarna, Sweden
Photo: Jacques de Villiers / imagebank.sweden.se

1. Stay in a Comfortable Hotel

Do you prefer a hotel close to nature or in the city? You find both types in the towns and villages of Dalarna. For example, in one of the most famous places in the region in Tällberg, next to Lake Siljan, you find the Åkerblads hotel and in the heart of the city of Borlänge the recently renovated First Hotel Brage. Two other interesting hotels in places to visit in Dalarna are Moskogen in Leksand and the distinguished Mora Spa & Hotell located in the town with the same name famous for the yearly ski race Vasaloppen. Here you will find a selection of accommodation throughout Dalarna.


2. Taste Typical Specialties From Dalarna

There are many delicatessens and specialties that Swedes associate with Dalarna, including rich cheeses, knäckebröd brittle bread (one of the most famous factories is in the town of Leksand) or strutsglass, an ice cream made from ostrich eggs from a local farm. The Taste of Dalarna guide will help you when planning your gastronomic journey. During September different harvest festivals take place around the region like Dalasmak or South Dalarna’s Skördefest. Also the food event “Mat runt Siljan”. You can read the Taste of Dalarna guide here.

Pan quebradizo sueco knäckebröd de Leksand, Dalarna Foto: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

Swedish knäckebröd brittle bread from Leksand, Dalarna
Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

3. Discover Dalarna on Foot

The colors of Swedish nature in autumn are best discovered by taking a walk in the mountains of the northeast of the region or on the accessible cultural trails closer to major cities. Don’t worry about your physical condition as you don’t need to be an experienced hiker to enjoy many experiences walking the trails of Dalarna. Here you will find a hiking guide for the region.

Casa sueca y vista del lago Orsa desde Fryksås, Dalarna Foto: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

Swedish House and View Over the Orsa Lake from Fryksås, Dalarna
Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

4. Take a Cultural Trip Through Historical Places

Although autumn is approaching, many of Dalarna’s cultural stops are still open to visitors. One of the things you can do, and we did too, is take an inspiring guided tour of the home of artist couple Karin and Carl Larsson in the quaint little town of Sundborn. Another recommended stop is Muthes Hildaholm in Leksand where you can relive Swedish and English art and style from the 17th century onwards. Here you can learn about other cultural destinations in the region.

Jardines y museo Stora Hyttnäs en Sundborn, Dalarna Foto: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

Stora Hyttnäs Gardens & Museum in Sundborn, Dalarna
Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

5. Go Rafting or Canoeing on a Lake

If what catches you are the water activities during the month of September, the Far Away Adventures company organizes kayak and canoe rowing courses in the town of Dala-Floda. In addition to that, white-water rafting or kayaking and canoeing on the local rivers and lakes are available in many other places in the Dalarna region, allowing you to enjoy this sport and take in the spectacular Swedish landscapes in autumn. Read more here about water activities in Dalarna.

Puesta de sol en Stjärnsund, Dalarna Foto: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

Sunset in Stjärnsund, Dalarna
Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

This is a short selection of things you can do in Dalarna in September. If you decide to visit the region and want to know more, leave me a comment below and I will try to help you.

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