30 Things To Do And Visit In Gothenburg With The Gothenburg Pass

Published on 04/16/2018. Modified on 03/10/2019

The Gothenburg Pass is the tourist city card to visit Gothenburg saving money when visiting museums and other attractions. Its counterpart in the other coast of Sweden is the successful Stockholm Pass city card which is available when visiting the capital of Sweden. Occasionally you can buy your Gothenburg Pass online with a 10% discount. The tourist card is valid for a year so take the chance to buy it when discounts are available.

Gothenburg Pass, tu tarjeta para visitar Gotemburgo Foto: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

Gothenburg Pass, tu tarjeta para visitar Gotemburgo
Foto: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

With the Gothenburg Pass you will have access to over 30 places of interest, activities and boat trips in both Gothenburg and the surrounding area. You will also get access to gardens and Liseberg amusement park during the season. The following are the attractions that are covered by the Gothenburg Pass.

What To Visit With The Gothenburg Pass City Card

1) Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus: Alfons Åberg house of culture is a very creative place for both young and adults but specially indicated for small children. Theater, music or mime shows are some of the highlights of the daily program.

2) Hop-On Hop-Off bussar: buses that run along the main sighseeing locations in Gothenburg. Just hop-on and hop-off as many times as you want.

3) Göteborgs Konstmuseum: enjoy works from the 15th century in Gothenburg’s Art Museum. There is place also for contemporary art. Read more here.

Art Museum in Gothenburg <br /> Photo: Israel Ubeda / sweetsweden.com

Art Museum in Gothenburg
Photo: Israel Ubeda / sweetsweden.com

4) Gunnebo Slott & Trädgårdar: with the city card you are granted a visit to Gunnebo Palace and its wonderful gardens. This palace was one of the main settlements in northern Europe during the 18th century.

5) Prison Island: an escape-room adventure where you and your friends try to escape in less than an hour from a prison made of 34 cells.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden <br /> Photo: Nicho Södling / imagebank.sweden.se

Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Photo: Nicho Södling / imagebank.sweden.se

6) Botaniska Trädgården: pay a visit to the wonderful Botanical Garden in Gothenburg with over 170 ha / 420 acrees making it one of the biggest in Europe.

7) Medicinhistoriska Museet: in the Museum of The History of Medicine you will get to know how old and modern medicine works.

8) Grand Sightseeing Tour: get on board and learn about the 400-year long history of Gothenburg while you sail through the Göta River down to the archipelago featuring wonderful views of the islands Rivö, Asperö and Saltholmen as well as the city fortress, Nya Älvsborg. Check the schedule here.

9) Hasselblad Center: dive into photography thanks to the exhibitions by international and Swedish photographers at the Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg.

Hasselbad Center in Gothenburg <br /> Photo: Israel Ubeda / sweetsweden.com

Hasselbad Center in Gothenburg
Photo: Israel Ubeda / sweetsweden.com

10) Strandverket Konsthall: digital art, photography, painting and a permanent sculpture exhibition get together in the Strandverket Art Gallery located by the sea. Right beside the bathing area you will find “Point of View” a 6-meter high sculpture by the artist Tony Cragg.

11) Idrottmuseet: this museum dedicated to sports features a collection that surely will be much liked by nostalgics.

Parque de atracciones Liseberg en Gotemburgo <br> Foto: Göran Assner / imagebank.sweden.se

Liseberg is Gothenburg’s Amusement Park
Photo: Göran Assner / imagebank.sweden.se

12) Liseberg: Gothenburg’s amusement park is one of the biggest parks in Scandinavia and a must-see, must-feel, must-enjoy destination in the city. Not surprisingly is one of the most visited touristic attractions in Sweden. Its new attraction Valkyria will take you up in the sky of Gothenburg to enjoy a wonderful view over the city. More info on what is included at Liseberg here.

13) Aeroseum: hidden in an old secret aviation base Aeroseum is a museum dedicated to aeronautics. You may try airplane simulators and meet all kind of aeroplanes and helicopters.

14) Laserdome: free entry to a 20-minute long laser game.

15) Universeum: 9.000 sqm / 96.000 sqft full of adventures inside Scandinavia’s biggest scientific center. This 7-stage high building features plants and animals from all over the world with special focus in the tropical seas and forests. Universeum is a place I really like to visit and that children always enjoy a lot. Read more about Universeum opening hours and exhibitions here.

Universeum natural center in Gothenburg<br /> Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

Universeum a Natural Center in Gothenburg
Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

16) Maritiman: is a experience for those who love the sea and vessels. More than 15 under one “roof”. From the submarine Nordkaparen to the warship Småland. In 2015 the Maritiman museum in Gothenburg was awarded a certificate of excellence.

Nordkapparen and Småland, two vessels to visit at Maritiman in Gothenburg <br /> Photo: Israel Ubeda / sweetsweden.com

Nordkapparen and Småland, Two Vessels to Visit at Maritiman in Gothenburg
Photo: Israel Ubeda / sweetsweden.com

17) Tramway Museum: an special way to get to know urban development in Gothenburg and how this transportation system adapted to the city. The museum features vehicles from the 1800s on.

Gothenburg's Lipstick <br /> Photo: Malin Skoog / imagebank.sweden.se

Gothenburg’s Lipstick
Photo: Malin Skoog / imagebank.sweden.se

18) Götheborgsutkiken: this building is known popularly as the ‘lipstick’ because of its shape and colors. Located near the Opera there is a lookout at 86 m height offering great panorama views over the city.

19) Paddan: is the popular name for a flat boat sailing through Gothenburg’s channels – built in the 17th century – and take your to the harbour and the sea. From aboard you will get to see the Opera, the ‘Lipstick’, the Feskekörka – The Fishchurch. Paddan is one of the preferred attractions for the tourists. During Christmas season you can take Paddan to the inside of Liseberg to enjoy the lovely winter market. Check the schedule and departure locations here.

Paddan takes you by boat through Gothenburg's many channels <br /> Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

Paddan Takes You by Boat Through Gothenburg’s Many Channels
Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

20) Archipelago Tour: a 2.5-hour long tour by boat through the magical archipelago surrounding the city.

21) Bohus fästning: a visit to the Bohus Fortress – dated from over 700 years ago – that has been attacked over 14 times by Swedes, Danes and Norwegians without giving up. The Bohus Fortress is located outside of Gothenburg to the north in Kungälv.

Bohus Fortress in Kungälv <br /> Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

Bohus Fortress in Kungälv
Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

22) Volvo Museum: Sweden’s most famous car manufacturer dating from 1927 has its own museum. Besides cars, buses and other vehicles there are other exhibitions featuring Volvo Ocean Race and Volvo Golf Experiences.

Volvo Museum in Gothenburg <br /> Photo: Israel Ubeda / sweetsweden.com

Volvo Museum in Gothenburg
Photo: Israel Ubeda / sweetsweden.com

23) Göteborgs Stadsmuseum: is the City Museum of Gothenburg and thus the right place to get to know the transformation of the town from 1600s until today. There is also an exhibition about vikings and its life in Sweden and there you will find the only viking vessel featured in a museum: the so called Äskekärr.

Viking exhibition at the City Museum of Gothenburg <br /> Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

Viking Exhibition at the City Museum of Gothenburg
Photo: Israel Úbeda / sweetsweden.com

24) The East Indiaman Götheborg: explore a copy of the vessel that sunk when arriving to Sweden from a trip to China back in 1745.

Röda Sten Art Gallery in Gothenburg <br /> Photo: Joachim Brink / imagebank.sweden.se

Röda Sten Art Gallery in Gothenburg
Photo: Joachim Brink / imagebank.sweden.se

25) Röda Sten konsthall: theater, art, music and contemporary dance are featured in the exhibitions at Röda Sten, located by the harbour. Some times at Friday and Saturday night the art gallery turns into a dance club. On Sundays they serve their “Meat Free Sunday Brunch” (always full-house). Not surprisingly, the restaurant at Röda Sten is one of the ones appearing in the White Guide.

26) Tour Around Hisingen: a boat tour around the island of Hisingen, one of the biggest islands in Sweden, and located on the north shore of the Göta River. The Björkö fjord, Gothenburg’s harbour and the archipelago will be some of the landscapes and destinations you will get to see.

27) AirHop Trampoline: a new experience for the whole family with the best indoor trampoline park in Sweden where everyone will be able to jump and bounce around for hours.

28) Slottskogen Adventure Golf: a 18-hole minigolf track at Slottskogen, the center for natural life outdoors in Gothenburg.

29) Paddan in Säveån: the Säve River is known as the Swedish Amazonas and now can be enjoyed aboard a Paddan boat. This guided tour takes you to the river to learn about its fauna and flora.

30) Ringlinien: a vintage tramway dating from 1900 and 1960 and running between Liseberg and Gothenburg’s Central Station during summer and winter.

Prices For The Gothenburg Pass

The Gothenburg Pass can be purchased for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days in a row and there are versions for both adults and children.

  • 1-day card: 345 SEK (~34 €/$41/£29) adults and 173 SEK (~17 €/$21/£14) children
  • 2-day card: 545 SEK (~54 €/$41/£45) adults and 273 SEK (~27 €/$32/£23) children
  • 3-day card: 695 SEK (~69 €/$41/£58) adults and 348 SEK (~34 €/$41/£29) children
  • 5-day card: 995 SEK (~99 €/$41/£83) adults and 498 SEK (~49 €/$59/£41) children

Sometimes there are discounts available online that may help you save 10% of the normal price.

You can also add a travelcard to your purchase that will provide free access to public transportation (bus, tramway, ferry) during your stay. Prices for the travelcard are 95 SEK (~9 €/$11/£8) for the 1-day card and 190 SEK (~19€/$23/£16) for the rest.

* Prices updated in April 2018

Buying And Getting The Gothenburg Pass

The Gothenburg Pass can be purchased online here and the voucher redeemed for free in Gothenburg or you can make them send it to you for a fee. In Gothenburg you can pick your card at the different tourist offices at Kungsportplatsen or in the Nordstan shopping mall. If you land by plane at Landvetter airport you can also redeemed it there at Swedavia’s desk.

One of the advantages of this renewed Gothenburg city card is the extra boat tours to the archipelago and the surrounds of Gothenburg. This will help, for sure, more people to get to know the city from the water (which by the way is very worth!)

Check my guide to visit Gothenburg in 3 days for more inspiration on what to do and see in the city. As always feel free to leave me a comment below if you need help or have a question regarding your trip to Sweden.

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