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You can reach me by email at israel /dot/ ubeda /at/ gmail /dot/ com or much better on twitter or instagram. If you want to know more about me and how I started this project of letting others know about Sweden as a country and tourist destination feel free to read a short article by clicking the previous link.

Select your Dates and Book Your Accomodation in Stockholm


  1. Your website is extremely helpful. I have only just started planning a trip, and I can see so many things I need to read.

    What I was wondering was ideas for apartment style accommodation for families, or Airbnb. We have teens and don’t want to share one hotel room. I was looking for ideas for both location and actual recommendations.


    • Hi Alex,

      I have never used myself airbnb or the like in Stockholm but it shouldn’t be any problem. Swedes are usually reliable. However last year during our one-month long trip we stayed at a design hotel with kitchenette that really looks like an apartment. There are several in Stockholm and are located in very convenient places. We stayed at the one at Hammarby Sjöstad neighborhood called Biz Apartments Hammarby Sjöstad on the island past Södermalm to the south of the city. There is another closer to the city center in the Gärdet area..

      I didn’t find the time yet to write just about that accommodation but it has all the benefits of a hotel (reception 24/7, breakfast service, self-laundry, etc) at much affordable rates than a hotel and you can prepare simple meals like breakfast or dinner in your room. Maybe worth checking it out?



  2. Your website is very beautiful and helpful. I will be in stockholm by car and i Am waiting to read your tips on how to go by car in stockholm. When do you think can i read it ?

    • Hi Vale thanks for your message.
      I hadn’t planned to write about that until September when I start writing more articles again.
      But anyway let me know what you would like to know and I will try to help you with an answer.


      • I would like to know It it’s possibile to parking the car nearby skansen or in the city center and It it’s very expensive. I booked the hotel outside the city and with a baby i wish to drive instead of take the metro.

  3. I would like to know It it’s possibile to parking the car nearby skansen or in the city center and It it’s very expensive. I booked the hotel outside the city and with a baby i wish to drive instead of take the metro.

    • Hi! There are two parking lots close to Skansen.

      One is on the island of Djurgården near Gröna Lund in Falkenbersgatan. However sometimes during the summer the island might be closed to private traffic.
      The other parking lot is located by the piers in Strandvägen close to Djurgårdsbron.

      Taxes in the city center range between 30-60 SEK/hour depending on the location. Each parking lot has its own rules regarding the parking restrictions (time, days, money to pay) etc.


  4. Hi Israel,
    My wife, 2 teens boys and I have a 6 hours layover at Stockholm Arlanda airport.
    We would like to see Stockholm. Do you think that is double given the short time we have?
    Your assistance is appreciated

    • Hi Bernie
      this is a real challenge. The only way I imagine it could be doable (without taking the money into account) would be:

      1) taking the Arlanda Express to the city center. 20 min.
      2) walking towards the City Hall, watching the views from there. Then walk from there to Gamla Stan. Walk along Gamla Stan’s most famous cobbled streets.
      3) from Gamla Stan take the public boat to Djurgården (Allmänna Gränd). Here I would visit Vasa Museum and if there is any time Skansen.
      4) take the tram in front of Skansen towards Centralen and get the Arlanda Express back.

      That’s the fastest way to get a grasp of the Old Town and the museum island and see a bit of the city from the sea.
      If you prefer a guided visit with 3 must-see there is this 2.5-hour long guided visit available.


  5. Hi Israel,

    Thanks for the information you have published. I am planning a 1.5 day trip to Stockholm end of November. Do you have any suggestions for a proposed itinerary.


    • Hi Sumit,

      what kind of traveler are you? More into museums? A city-walker?
      Are you staying at the city center? I am asking because it’s relevant to help you plan a 1.5 day trip.

      Anyway there are some things that must be included in any trip and that is Vasa Museum and Skansen. Then a boat trip in the archipelago. The rest depends on your preferences so I wait for your answer before proceeding with a plan :D


      • Hi Israel,

        I am staying at Raddison Blue Water Front. Not a museum person. Want to explore the city .

        • Thanks Sumit.
          Have you checked this article on what to do in Stockholm in 3 days? I would stick to the day dedicated to Gamla Stan, walk up towards Slussen and Södermalm island go for the views at Monteliusvägen and explore Södermalm. You do your own mash up with the information in the article exluding museum visits. Remember though that it might be pretty cold so you’ll need to find shelter at a cafeteria or a museum.


  6. ask for hotel information of Hotell Utter Inn Västerås, Västmanland .could you reply me by email,please?

  7. Interested in visiting Sweden.

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