A Trip to See Northern Lights in Sweden

La Laponia sueca Ilustración de Lisa Wallin / Meramedia

We are already planning our next trip to see Northern Lights in Sweden, traveling specifically to Swedish Lapland. While in summer 2018 we spent a month visiting places in the south and center of Sweden in February 2020 we will be one week – from February 2 to 9 –…

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Top 10 Winter Activities in Sweden

Paisaje de la costa oeste de Suecia en invierno Foto: Roger Borgelid

More and more people are joining the trend of spending winter holidays abroad. In Sweden you will find many winter activities to do as a solo-traveller as a couple or as a family. This is a selection of ten activities in different regions of the country. 1. Ice skating Did…

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The 15 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Sweden

La ídilica costa de Bohuslän al norte de Gotemburgo Foto: Per Pixel Petersson / imagebank.sweden.se

Every year Swedes have the chance to vote and choose the most beautiful places in Sweden as well as many other aspects of their daily life, their society and its way of working. This data gets compiled in a study called Samhällsbarometern or The Society’s Barometer. Many of us like…

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