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Hej newcomer! Let me introduce myself. My name is Israel and I am from Spain. For the past 9 years I have blogged extensively about Sweden and Stockholm in Spanish in this blog appropriately entitled SweetSweden. Throughout this website you’ll find over 800+ articles written by me covering a lot of subjects regarding moving and living in Sweden, Swedish lifestyle & language and traveling to Sweden as a tourist.

There are thousands of useful tips, experiences and reviews of things I have either seen and experienced live or want to see in the near future. You’ll find also a lot of information on what to see and do for free when visiting Stockholm, or what to see and do in Stockholm in 3 days, Göteborg and Swedish Lapland and other Swedish regions like Småland, Värmland or Skåne that will help you plan your city break or holidays in detail. I have gathered all this information over 15 years of trips to Sweden (back in old 2002) as well as many other trips that I have helped others (relatives, friends and unknown people) prepare.

As stated before currently the majority of the content is only available in Spanish so bear with me while I take my time to rewrite my most successful articles in English so that you too can enjoy your visit in Sweden. Meanwhile enjoy reading my blog about Sweden with the help of Google Translate.

As of today … Interested in getting the most out of your travel to Stockholm? Read my articles in English below to find how to fully enjoy your visit.

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