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You can reach me by email at israel /dot/ ubeda /at/ gmail /dot/ com or much better on twitter or instagram. If you want to know more about me and how I started this project of letting others know about Sweden as a country and tourist destination feel free to read a short article by clicking the previous link.

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  1. Your website is extremely helpful. I have only just started planning a trip, and I can see so many things I need to read.

    What I was wondering was ideas for apartment style accommodation for families, or Airbnb. We have teens and don’t want to share one hotel room. I was looking for ideas for both location and actual recommendations.


    • Hi Alex,

      I have never used myself airbnb or the like in Stockholm but it shouldn’t be any problem. Swedes are usually reliable. However last year during our one-month long trip we stayed at a design hotel with kitchenette that really looks like an apartment. There are several in Stockholm and are located in very convenient places. We stayed at the one at Hammarby Sjöstad neighborhood called Biz Apartments Hammarby Sjöstad on the island past Södermalm to the south of the city. There is another closer to the city center in the Gärdet area..

      I didn’t find the time yet to write just about that accommodation but it has all the benefits of a hotel (reception 24/7, breakfast service, self-laundry, etc) at much affordable rates than a hotel and you can prepare simple meals like breakfast or dinner in your room. Maybe worth checking it out?



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